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If you experience symptoms that suggest potential abnormalities in your colon such as frequent digestive disorders, blood in the stool, changes in bowel habits (constipation or diarrhoea), abnormal weight loss and abdominal pain. Colonoscopy screenings may also be recommended to check.

What is a colonoscopy with anesthesia?

Colonoscopy is a diagnostic technique that uses a flexible endoscope to look inside the intestinal tract: the rectum, the colon, and the end of the small intestine. Colonoscopy helps to detect abnormalities in the colon, including colon cancer screening, detection and removal of precancerous lesions in the intestinal tract.

Colonoscopy with anesthesia is a method of administering anesthesia to the patient before performing the colonoscopy procedure. After the endoscopy, the patient continued to lie down until fully awake.

Why should you get a colonoscopy with anesthesia?

– No discomfort: Patients will not feel pain and can have nearly all parts of the digestive tract explored; minimizing the risk of complications and adverse events.

– Reduces anxiety and fear: Unlike traditional methods, this approach does not cause fear or trauma to the patient.

– Saves time and effort: More efficient than conventional procedures.

– Safe and effective: Enables early detection of potential issues, including colon cancer, allowing for timely and accurate treatment.

At Dr. Binh Tele_Clinic, a reputable and growing facility in gastroenterology, our Gastroenterology Department offers a full range of services including testing, endoscopy, diagnosis, and treatment of digestive diseases. Our team of highly skilled gastroenterology specialists will provide accurate diagnoses and tailor treatment plans for each case. Notably, our gastroenterology endoscopy room is equipped with modern, international standard equipment, ensuring the highest quality of service for our clients.

Colonoscopy with anesthesia at Dr.Binh Tele_Clinic is designed to meet the highest standards, ensuring clients avoid unnecessary tests



For detailed information, please contact HOTLINE: 1900 9204

How to prepare for a colonoscopy with anesthesia?

– Avoiding spicy, acidic, hot foods, and alcoholic or carbonated beverages 1 day before the procedure. Opt for liquid foods like porridge or soup, low in fiber.

–  Fasting for at least 6 – 8 hours before the procedure.

–  Stopping fluid intake 2 hours before the procedure to prevent the risk of aspiration into the lungs, which can be dangerous.

–  Fully disclosing medical history and current medications to the doctor. Patients should also inform the doctor if they are pregnant or suspect they might be.

–  Patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, or high blood pressure should consult the anesthesiologist for specific guidance on medication use.

–  Patients will receive medication and instructions on how to cleanse the colon before the procedure.

– A companion is required during the procedure. Post-anesthesia, patients should not drive to ensure safety.

What happens during colonoscopy with anesthesia at Dr.Binh Tele_Clinic?

Step 1: General examination with a gastroenterologist: Assessing the condition, prescribing colonoscopy, and requesting necessary tests like ECG before the procedure.

Step 2: Pre-anesthesia examination: Doctor will explain the procedure and you have to sign the anesthesia consent form.

Step 3: Taking medication to cleanse the colon.

Step 4: Preparing for and administering anesthesia.

Step 5: Performing the colonoscopy. During the procedure, images of the colon are captured through the endoscope's camera, aiding the doctor in observing and diagnosing colon conditions, especially colon cancer.

Step 6: Resting and recovering post-procedure.

Step 7: Consultation with the specialist on findings and treatment plans.

Clients leave Dr.Binh Tele_Clinic completely satisfied with the quality and service, confident in the care received for their digestive health.

How do you make an online booking and receive an offer from Dr. Binh Tele_Clinic?

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