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With the development of society, people's demand for health care is increasing daily. Therefore, the hospital fee guarantee card is gradually becoming a trend in every home during medical examination and treatment at medical facilities. So what is the hospital fee guarantee, and what are the benefits when using the hospital fee guarantee in medical assessment and treatment? Let's go with Dr. Binh Tele_Clinic learn in the article below.


1. Concept of hospital fee guarantee.

A hospital fee guarantee is a package of benefits included in health insurance packages when people buy at insurance companies. People will be issued a hospital fee guarantee card when purchasing insurance packages.

A hospital fee guarantee is a form of insurance companies to support the costs of medical examination and treatment for people. This cost will be paid in part, part or whole when people perform medical analysis and treatment at medical facilities under the inpatient hospital fee guarantee system of the health insurance fund.


When the patient performs the examination, treatment or surgery at the medical facilities under the hospital fee guarantee system, the insured person must present the hospital fee guarantee card to use the services according to their needs request and receive benefits to support medical expenses.

Hospital Charge Guarantee Card is a card provided by an insurance company to its customers to use in case of a request for a Hospital Fee Guarantee. When visiting, treating or having surgery at medical facilities, the insured person must present this card to use the required services.

2. Benefits of using hospital fee guarantee

Usually, patients who want to receive support from health insurance, after completing their medical examination and treatment at medical facilities, must gather all the required documents and be provided with the necessary documents by the insurance agency for reimbursement. This leads to people losing a lot of time and effort to travel when applying for health insurance benefits.

Insurance companies have built a network of medical facilities by linking with hospitals and clinics to launch a "hospital fee guarantee" form to help customers simplify procedures continuously, saving time and effort when paying for medical examination and treatment costs.


When using the hospital fee guarantee benefit, customers can reduce their financial burden during medical examination and treatment, especially in cases where high costs need to be paid. This is because the patient will only have to pay the expenses that are not within the scope of the guarantee or exceed the guarantee limit; the parts within the limit, the customer will be covered by the insurance company in full.

The guarantee process does not take too much time or requires complicated procedures. The patient only needs to sign the confirmation of treatment and the services used at the registered medical facility and present the hospital fee guarantee card and identification documents (ID card/passport/ birth certificate) to use the services as desired.

3. Notes to understand before using the hospital fee guarantee card.


The hospital fee guarantee benefit is a program linked by insurance companies with medical facilities. Therefore, patients need to check the list of medical facilities affiliated with insurance companies before using this benefit. However, suppose the patient uses the service at medical facilities not affiliated with the insurance company. In that case, the customer still has to pay the average cost and follow the reimbursement procedures at the insurance company's request after completing the course of treatment.

Immediately consult the list of partner insurance companies of Dr. Binh Tele_Clinic HERE

Besides, the benefits of a hospital fee guarantee will depend on the limit of the health insurance package the customer uses. Therefore, please carefully check the terms of payment and exclusions before using services at medical facilities.

For inpatients, the insurance company will verify the information from the medical facility and send a confirmation letter within 48 hours of receiving the complete application from the hospital/clinic. In some cases, the patient will have to deposit treatment; after receiving a confirmation letter from the insurance company, the deposit will be returned to the patient.

4. The process of guaranteeing hospital fees at Dr. Binh Tele_Clinic.

- Step 1: Present your insurance card with photo identification (ID card, passport, …) and birth certificate (if it is a child under 16 years old) at the front desk;
- Step 2: The receptionist checks the customer information on the insurance card and compares it with the information on the insurance company's system (Full name of the Insured, date of birth, valid insurance card use); 
- Step 3: The receptionist enters the medical examination information and guides the customer through the examination process;
- Step 4: The customer signs the documents and requires a guarantee to complete the dossier. Customers only have to pay what the insurance company refuses to pay.

If the customer is not directly guaranteed at Dr. Binh Tele_Clinic, we will still support customers in preparing documents to complete the procedure for reimbursement of medical expenses at insurance companies.

The necessary documents Dr.Binh Tele_Clinic will support to provide customers:

- Medical examination card certified by the Clinic;
- The Clinic confirms the results of the customer's examination items.;
- Prescription; 
- Receipts for medical examination and treatment services;
- VAT invoices for services and drugs;
- A detailed list of services used.

Above is information about the hospital fee guarantee and accompanying benefits. Guaranteeing hospital fees is a highly humane and valuable benefit for patients. Each family should equip themselves with at least 1 to 2 hospital fee guarantee cards to maximize their family's health.

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