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9 warning signs of monkeypox that you need to know



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Monkeypox is still a new infectious disease and has spread to 12 countries around the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued warnings about this disease and advised people not to be subjective. So how do quickly recognize the signs of monkeypox?

Signs of monkeypox

1. 9 warning signs of monkeypox that you need to know to proactively prevent.

- High fever: Fever is a common response of the patient to a viral or bacterial attack. The first sign of monkeypox is usually a high fever > 38 degrees.

- Pain in the body parts: Like other common diseases, monkeypox also causes patients to have dull pain in the body such as headache, back pain, or muscle pain.

- Chills: Chills in monkeypox patients are often confused with the common cold.

- Exhaustion: When infected with monkeypox, the patient will feel sluggish, have no energy, and lose concentration.

- Night sweats.

- Some cases have additional cold-like symptoms such as stuffy nose, runny nose, etc.

- Swollen lymph nodes: This is the typical symptom to identify a patient with monkeypox.

Swollen lymph nodes in monkeypox

2. New symptoms of monkeypox

Over time, along with the rate of development and spread, besides the typical symptoms, through recent studies, monkeypox has appeared with new symptoms:

- Single genital lesions.

- Sores on the mouth.

- Anal sores.

These new symptoms resemble sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and cause misdiagnosis. The confusion in the examination and diagnosis process will lead to late detection of disease symptoms, and difficulties in treatment and control of the spread of the monkeypox virus.

In some cases, patients have to be hospitalized to treat pain caused by ulcers in the anus. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the diagnostic rate of monkeypox infection among people with a history of sexually transmitted diseases.

Image of sores on the patches of monkeypoxImage of sores on the patches of monkeypox

3. Is monkeypox dangerous?

To answer the question “is monkeypox dangerous?” Experts at the World Health Organization (WHO) said: that Vietnam is located in the Western Pacific region, and the risk of entry of this disease is from low to moderate.

The dangers of monkeypoxThe dangers of monkeypox

However, to assess the danger of an epidemic, we need to consider factors such as the severity of the disease, and the ability to penetrate and spread the disease in an area. For people with weak immune systems, especially children, monkeypox is still classified as a dangerous infectious disease.

4. 6 things to do as soon as you detect signs of monkeypox

To minimize the danger and spread of monkeypox, people need to take the initiative in taking measures such as: isolating and cleaning their places and houses. Experts also say that people with monkeypox will have mild symptoms within 2-4 weeks and the body will gradually recover on its own.

In case you are unfortunately infected, the patient should do the following:

- Immediately go to the nearest medical facility for an accurate examination and diagnosis.

- Wear loose-fitting clothes to avoid rubbing and breaking the blisters, making the disease worse.

- Do not touch or scratch the blisters.

- Always keep the body clean with salt water or methylene solutions as prescribed by the doctor.

- Ensure strict isolation and monitor and track patient contacts.

Monkeypox is contagious and can leave lesions on the skin of an infected person. Following the guidance of the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization WHO will help limit the outbreak and protect the health of yourself and your family.


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