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Mumps is thought to be a common infectious disease and usually occurs in children. This is a disease that has serious complications if not treated properly. The article below will provide information about mumps and how to prevent this disease.

Why is mumps so dangerous?


1. The concept of mumps?

Mumps is an acute infectious disease known in folklore as mumps eczema. The common clinical symptom is inflammation of the parotid salivary gland without pus. The dangerous complications of this disease such as infertility in men, pancreatitis, meningitis ...

Patients infected with mumps virus will have a duration of illness from 12-24 days and usually, appear in children from 2-14 years old. Children under 2 years of age usually get this disease very rarely or very rarely. People who have been infected with mumps will produce antibodies and rarely get it again.

2. Causes and signs of mumps

Mumps is caused by an RNA virus of the Rubulavirus family of Paramyxoviridae. The route of transmission of this disease is mainly through the respiratory tract or through saliva, and nasal secretions. The incubation period of this disease is quite short, about 2 days before the onset and 6 days after the symptoms disappear, and this is also the time when the virus is most shed.

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The first sign of mumps is fever and the parotid gland is swollen for the first 3 days, after about a week, the swelling will decrease. Besides, it is necessary to pay attention to other accompanying signs such as sore throat, difficulty swallowing food, 1 or 2 sides of the face being deformed, and body aches and pains; In some cases, testicular pain or swelling of the scrotum may occur.

3. Dangerous complications of mumps

Mumps is a dangerous infectious disease and will have serious complications for the patient's health if not treated promptly and properly. Here are some common complications that patients experience during mumps treatment:

- For men: The most dangerous complication of mumps infection for men is inflammation of the testicles and epididymis leading to infertility;
- For women, when infected with mumps, the patient will face complications of ovarian inflammation. Symptoms to recognize this case are lower abdominal pain and menorrhagia. Especially for pregnant women, if mumps is infected, it can cause miscarriage, premature birth, or stillbirth;
- In addition, patients with mumps will experience some complications such as pulmonary infarction, acute pancreatitis, meningitis, and myocarditis.


Although this type of disease usually appears in children, adults can also become infected and the disease will get worse faster than in children. Not only affects the reproductive function of the patient, but mumps also affects the body's immune system.

4. So what is the treatment and prevention of mumps?

In order to treat mumps promptly and properly, the first thing when you suspect you have mumps, the patient needs to contact a doctor or medical facility in time for accurate examination and treatment to minimize the risk of mumps. complications may occur.

Up to now, there is no definitive cure for mumps and can only treat the symptoms the patient experiences and help patients take measures to prevent complications.


When having mumps, it is necessary to base on the symptoms the patient has to use the appropriate drug:

- Patients should absolutely follow the doctor's instructions in the use of antibiotics or antipyretic and pain relievers;
- Drink enough water, especially oresol to rehydrate and electrolytes;
- Get plenty of rest and limit vigorous exercise, avoid contact with many people, especially children;
- Eat soft, easy-to-swallow, easy-to-digest foods. Limit spicy foods and hard foods. Supplement vitamin C to increase resistance;
- Avoid absolute wind for the patient to limit the swelling and worsening of the mumps area;
- Proper oral hygiene and according to the instructions of the doctor;
- In case the patient shows signs of worsening such as orchitis or ovarian inflammation, it is necessary to take the patient to a medical facility for monitoring and treatment, to avoid regrettable complications later.

To prevent this disease, there is no other way that we need to maintain personal hygiene in our daily activities; regularly clean children's houses, items, and toys; Wear a mask when going to crowded places, and get vaccinated. Currently, vaccines are the most effective method of prevention recommended by experts.

Mumps is a contagious disease with many dangerous complications. So, if you suspect that you and your family have signs of mumps, contact Dr. Binh Tele_Clinic for tests and timely treatment.

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