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Shaking your neck, and cracking joints is an unconscious habit when you feel tired in your neck or joints in your limbs. Many still think that this is a harmless habit, but on the contrary, it brings an unpredictable consequence of bone and joint diseases later on.

So what are the potential dangers of neck-shaking, and joint-cracking?


1. Why is there a sound when breaking the joint and shaking the neck?

The neck area includes 7 cervical vertebrae connected with muscle bundles and the nervous system covering the body, performing the task of supporting the head and body, maintaining motor functions, and protecting the spinal cord.

The habit of breaking-joint-affecting bones-joints

Shaking the neck, and cracking joints when the body shows signs of fatigue is normal and does not affect health much. But if done improperly and abused, it will cause bone and joint dangers to the body.

2. What are the dangers of shaking the neck and breaking the joints?

Shaking the neck and cracking joints can solve the immediate feeling of fatigue, but it will cause the joint capsule to expand when there is physical impact through bending or shaking. The creaking we hear is caused by the bursting of air bubbles and the collision of two bones when you crack a joint or shake your neck.


In addition, the wrong implementation when cracking joints, or shaking the neck will also affect the arteries in the cervical vertebrae, stretch the ligaments in the neck, cervical spondylosis, spondylitis, and more seriously will make people sick. The patient fell into a stroke

3. The consequences of bones and joints when breaking joints, shaking the neck often shakes

Over time, the crackling sound gets louder and more opaque when we crack or shake our neck, which is a warning sign of a disease in the spine or joints.


- Cervical spine syndrome: This is a syndrome of neck and shoulder pain on many different levels. Initially comes from pain, and mild fatigue when moving the neck or holding a position for too long. In the long term, the pain will get worse and form typical diseases such as pain/ache, pain in the cervical spine; stiff neck muscles; cervical spondylosis
- Cervical nerve root syndrome: This disease is often recognized by pain in the neck and shoulders or pain along the path of the nerve accompanied by the manifestations of numbness, weakness in the arm; pain in bones and joints in the area of ​​​​the hands, feet, fingers or legs
- Basal artery syndrome: Frequent dizziness when changing position suddenly; or having headaches in the morning; In some cases, there will be additional symptoms of tinnitus, a ticking sound in the ear, or pain spreading to the area behind the ear, behind the head.
- Vegetative nutrition syndrome: This is a combination of several diseases such as cervical disc pain and neck pain. This phenomenon will appear when the patient is active or has the wrong posture for a long time.
- Medullary syndrome: The spinal cord syndrome caused by shaking the neck and cracking joints for a long time will make the patient unsteady, have a feeling of numbness in the limbs, and even paralysis and muscle atrophy.

4. When to see a doctor and how to treat it?

Cracking joints, and shaking the neck will not be too serious if there is no abnormal pain in the body. But if you feel pain in any area of ​​your body, contact Dr. Binh Tele_Clinic for accurate examination and diagnosis.


Some unusual symptoms signal diseases of bones and joints such as pain in joints, neck pain for unknown reasons; joints become stiff, difficult to move; sounds similar to cracking when cracking joints.

To prevent these chronic diseases, patients need to have appropriate living habits, and regular exercise to keep the body supple, especially office workers, to provide the body with adequate minerals and vitamins.

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