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Unhealthy living habits make stomach cancer younger and more common. The danger here is that this disease has no apparent signs that many people are subjective. In the article below, Dr. Binh Tele_Clinic will help you learn and identify this dangerous disease.

Stomach cancer tends to rejuvenate patients


1. What is stomach cancer?

Stomach cancer is an abnormal proliferation of stomach cells that leads to the formation of tumors. The cells invade nearby areas and metastasize to other parts, endangering the patient's life. Although dangerous, the cure rate is relatively high if detected early.

So why are more and more young people getting stomach cancer?

The most common cause of stomach cancer is due to the unscientific daily living habits of the patient. Frequently staying late, eating fast food, using stimulants or eating in moderation... are all factors that push stomach cancer closer to the patient. Besides, the weight problem is also a factor that makes stomach pain more common. According to research, people who are obese or overweight are more prone to stomach cancer than people of stable weight.

 why-more and more people-have-stomach cancer

If not seriously treated according to the doctor's instructions, people with stomach diseases will cause abnormal changes in the stomach; this condition will be one of the reasons why patients get closer to the disease. More stomach cancer.

Finally, the invasion of HPV (Helicobacter pylori). When entering the stomach, this bacteria will cause inflammation or atrophy of the gastric mucosa, causing chronic gastritis and treating precancerous lesions.

2. The warning symptoms of stomach cancer should not be subjective

Stomach cancer is usually only detected by patients when the disease is at an advanced stage with specific symptoms. In the early stages, stomach cancer is often confused by patients with common stomach ulcers, making patients subjective and not caring about their health.

When the disease reaches a severe stage, the patient shows symptoms such as weight loss, vomiting a lot, even vomiting blood... and only when these symptoms are present will the patient go to the doctor; it is too late. So be on the lookout for the following signs when you see them appear on your body:

At an early stage

- Frequent flatulence, indigestion, abdominal distension: According to research, up to 70% of patients with stomach cancer have this sign in the early stages of stomach cancer. The remarkable thing is that this sign will decrease or disappear when they exercise regularly, leading to the patient's confusion and thinking that "due to lack of exercise, digestive disorders." When the condition persists, the patient shows signs of loss of appetite, fatigue and rapid weight loss.


- Epigastric pain: If the epigastrium in the area above the navel often has pain, dull pain or severe tightness, pay attention to this sign because it is an early warning symptom of stomach cancer.
- Heartburn, heartburn: When the stomach is damaged, the acid in the stomach secretes too much, causing reflux. This symptom is easily confused with a common digestive disorder or stomach ache. But be careful if this happens continuously; prolonged reflux causes burning throat, difficulty swallowing, and loss of appetite; this is a warning sign of stomach cancer.
- Stomach bleeding: Most stomach cancer patients have stomach bleeding symptoms, and this is also the most distinguishing sign between stomach cancer and common stomach diseases.

In the late, critical stage

- Frequent occurrence of acute or chronic stomach pain: The pain is sudden, severe, comes on quickly, goes away quickly, or prolonged pain often occurs and does not go away. The cause of this pain is because cancer cells have invaded the stomach, increased in size and metastasized, compressed and caused severe damage.
- Nausea, vomiting a lot, even vomiting blood: In the final stage of stomach cancer, patients often feel nausea, vomiting a lot or vomiting blood due to severe stomach damage and bleeding. At this time, the patient will appear anxious and stressed and start going to the doctor; the condition has worsened.


- Constipation or unusual diarrhea: When suffering from digestive disorders, patients often have uncommon constipation or diarrhea, and it is easy to find the cause; you need to adjust, and the body will be healthy usually. However, if this condition is abnormal, this is a warning sign of stomach cancer.
- Weight loss and signs of severe anemia is the last sign to recognize advanced stomach cancer. When the stomach bleeds a lot, plus fatigue and loss of appetite, causing the body to lack nutrition and not produce enough red blood cells and nutrients, it will cause anemia and severe weight loss in the patient.

3. How to prevent stomach cancer effectively?

Stomach cancer, in particular, and cancers in general, have no definite prevention method for patients. To minimize the risk of stomach cancer, patients need to do the following ways:


- Maintain a healthy, scientific lifestyle: A good diet and rest will help you have a healthy body and a reasonable weight. You can build a healthy menu with enough vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants in your daily meals and a good rest regimen. Besides, please limit stimulants such as beer, alcohol, and tobacco. This is the most helpful method, the easiest to implement, which experts and doctors recommend to patients to reverse stomach cancer or other cancers.
- Regular periodic health check-ups to detect early signs of polyps and benign tumors in the stomach for reasonable treatment and prevention of gastric cancer-causing agents.

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- Perform regular cancer screening, especially for those who have relatives with stomach cancer or those with a history of breast cancer before the age of 50, to promptly detect early warning signs and timely treatment regimens.

According to the study, if stomach cancer is detected and treated early, the cure rate and 5-year survival rate is 68%. However, if cancer is detected late, depending on whether the disease has metastasized to other parts or not, the survival rate does not exceed 5% - 31%. Therefore, screening early to detect cancer is the key to protecting patients.

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Stomach cancer is one of the leading causes of death. The best way to reverse this disease is for patients to actively care about their health by paying attention to their daily lifestyle and performing regular check-ups and screenings. The above are signs of stomach cancer that patients should not be subjective, but Dr. Binh Tele_Clinic has helped you synthesize. Detecting and treating the disease early will help patients have a better chance of survival.

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