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High blood pressure is the "silent killer" for all patients because it is a disease without symptoms and entails many other disorders. According to statistics, in Vietnam, about 12 million people have high blood pressure, so on average, 1 in 5 adults has the disease. This is an alarming number in today's society.

Why should you care about high blood pressure?

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1. High blood pressure and why are more people getting it?

High blood pressure (also known as high blood pressure) is a condition in which the pressure of the blood exerts directly on the walls of the arteries. When high blood pressure is high, it will burden the heart, causing it to work too hard and appear dangerous cardiovascular complications such as cerebrovascular accidents, heart failure, and myocardial infarction.


There are many types of high blood pressure, but patients should pay attention to the following types of high blood pressure:

- Idiopathic high blood pressure, also known as primary high blood pressure, often has no specific cause, and about 90% of people with high blood pressure have it;
- Secondary high blood pressure: It is a precursor to developing other dangerous diseases such as kidney failure, arterial disease, heart valve disease, some endocrine diseases, sleep apnea syndrome... Approximately 10% of patients are diagnosed with high blood pressure;
- In addition, patients should be aware of two other types of high blood pressure: isolated systolic hypertension and high blood pressure during pregnancy.

Currently, there is no method to determine the exact cause of high blood pressure. Usually, high blood pressure is the result of dangerous diseases such as heart, kidney, and thyroid disease. In addition, some cases of high blood pressure are diagnosed as genetic, appearing more in men.

In addition, factors of daily living habits such as unscientific eating and resting, often staying up late, high stress, and using stimulants are also causes of high blood pressure.

What are the symptoms of high blood pressure?


It is not unreasonable that high blood pressure is called the "silent killer" by medical experts. Because there are no symptoms or symptoms that are pretty faint and easy to mistake for other common diseases. And when the patient appears to have shortness of breath, flushing; epistaxis; heart pain, chest tightness; vision changes; blood in the urine... then the condition has become severe and dangerous, which can take the patient's life at any time.

2. So, how to effectively treat high blood pressure?

High blood pressure is not only a single disease but also leads to other diseases such as diabetes, kidney failure or heart failure. Normal blood pressure is less than 140/90 mmHg, and the treatment of high blood pressure is to maintain blood pressure at a stable level for patients below 130/80 mmHg.


There are currently no specific treatments for patients with high blood pressure. Each type of high blood pressure and the patient's condition will have a different treatment regimen. When treating high blood pressure, patients need to follow the doctor's schedule with the following notes:

- Adjust daily lifestyle: Unbalanced and unscientific living habits are one of the causes of high blood pressure. When suffering from high blood pressure, the patient should limit salt intake, maintain weight and limit the use of stimulants;
- Do not arbitrarily use the drug without a doctor's prescription or supervision;
- Well control-related diseases (if any) and regularly monitor blood pressure with a home monitor.

Limit excessive stress on the body: Stress is the cause of high blood pressure and causes patients to have strokes and accidents. This condition also causes headaches for doctors during the treatment of patients.

3. What is an effective way to prevent high blood pressure?

To prevent yourself from having high blood pressure and dangerous complications from this disease, patients need to monitor their health regularly and have regular checkups for early detection.


The application of a healthy lifestyle is an effective method of preventing high blood pressure in particular and other diseases in general. Exercise hard for at least 30 minutes - 1 hour a day to keep your body healthy and supple.

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Build a healthy, scientific lifestyle by balancing nutrition and maintaining a reasonable weight. Let's build a healthy eating menu rich in green vegetables and vitamins. According to research, most fiber, nutrients, and antioxidants are found in fruits, vegetables and whole grains such as beans and oats. Limit fast foods because the amount of salt, cholesterol, and saturated fatty acids is very high, while the body only needs to maintain a salt intake of about 5g/day.


Eliminate stimulants such as tobacco, and limit alcohol from daily life. The pressure on the lungs, liver and kidneys is also one of the causes of increased blood pressure, bringing patients closer to the door of death.

Properly balancing mood is a must for everyone, not just patients with high blood pressure. Being mentally overstimulated in the long run will negatively affect your mood and blood pressure. Keep your spirit stable and regularly monitor your blood pressure with a suitable home monitor to detect abnormal symptoms early.

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